stefan and i went for a long walk (two and half hours!) a few nights ago winding through adams morgan, down connecticut into dupont and finally to the national mall where we sat on the steps of the archives and talked.

he's looking for a change right now. a big one, a little one. something. just a few weeks ago i felt the same way. i was ready to completely uproot move to the west coast, to costa rica.. anywhere. i told him that i felt that was a problem with me. when i'm unhappy i look for daring and lifechanging ways to feel different, but i've decided that i'm staying put for awhile. i'm going to try and let things happen rather than trying to control every outcome. i'm going to enjoy standing still.

right now, this is home. it's a home i built from the ground up over the past year and a half. it's taken awhile for me to feel this way, to feel that both feet were planted firmly on the ground rather than one in iowa city and one here. coming back from the midwest, i looked out the airplane and realized i was headed towards home, not away from it.


family of yogis.

mom called last night and told me she went to her first yoga class. it was a few miles outside of glenwood near pony creek. the teacher led them to an outside studio where they sat and talked about the yoga sutra. she was excited about the class, and about this new perspective of life. she described some of the feelings i did when i first started practicing.

it was funny. as she told me this, i felt the most connected to her than i have in a long time. not to say i don't feel connected to my mother.. in fact i feel extremely close to her.. it's just that with this distance between us, i sometimes want to share parts of my life with my parents too much and i want them to immediately understand me.. eventhough i've been growing in different directions a thousand miles away for a few years. and they're changing too.. i forget that.

and in other news, my grandmother attended a wheelchair yoga class. she quit, she informed me, because she was not able to get her arms over her head. "honestly i'd rather read my book," she said. i don't really blame her.


and the livin' is easy...

it's the dog days of summer here in dc. ninety four degrees. i feel like i'm in a microwave first thing in the morning, and i arrive to work looking like a wet puppy. i can't help but daydream about fall's sixty degree days and latte weather. yes, summertime, i'm being ungrateful again. go away so i can realize how lucky i was to walk outside in flipflops and shorts without a single thought.

my summer:

other news:
i'm starting my yoga teacher training in september. i cannot wait.