the good things about today.

i saw feist perform in baltimore last night.

i met stefan's very cool, very beautiful yoga teacher friend michelle.

i slept so hard i had pillow creases on my face. (especially wonderful after about five days of no sleep.)

i woke up to the sun streaming in the window and a chilly breeze coming through. (thank god. please turn to autumn!)

i wore my favorite shirt with pockets in the bottom.

i rode my bike to work.

i treated myself to a soy almond latte.

oh, and i had the most amazing birthday ever.

(salvaordean food, cowboy boots, stomping around town with my posse, photobooths!, a big dc family dinner)

i loved this post:

it made me melt.



another year comes to a close and i'm moving into the next. i've been looking through my photographs reflecting on all this past year has surprised me with — a little more balance, a lot more fun, relationships that seemed to manifest out of thin air, and ofcourse a lot of challenging, bawl-your-eyes-out moments. the difference between twenty-three and all the years before was that i finally began to trust myself. not all the time. i'm still plagued with doubts and insecurities and my nearly uncontrollable "monkey mind" but i have more faith in the outcome.

last night in yoga i came across a quote — you fear the waves a lot less when you realize you are the ocean.

so twenty-four, whatever you've got bring it on. i'm ready.