i'm eleven again

i went to the old market and took pictures. i had chai with a friend at delice.

i had tea with my mother on our front porch. i read her excerpts from "letters to a young poet." we talked about simplifying our lives.

i played football with my guys. i have a huge scatch on my arm, and grass burns on my knees.

this is definitely a day to remember. i feel eleven. i wish i could store this moment in a jar for the notsoperfect days.


sweet relief

just dropped my government class. give me pronouns and f stops any day, but i put my foot down at monarchies.

it's sixty degrees outside. the sun is shining. a perfect day for the homemade skirt and new pumas.

i have photography class tonite, and we are going to an art gallery opening in the old market.

i'm going to fix some tea.. maybe take a walk..


pink sky perfection

took my cousin to a movie today. she turned twelve ten days ago. she just got her ears pierced. she had a birthday party to go to tonite. they are going to do arts and crafts. she refreshes me. i love the way she looks at me.

after i took her home, i went to borders. i picked up "a journal of solitude" by may sarton and alana davis' first album. i drank a glass of chai. i could stay there for days. it's intimidating to see everything i don't know surrounding me, making me crave it that much more.

why do i have to anything except drink green tea and stare at a pink sky?

michelle and her family invited me over for dinner tonite. we ate butter cookies for dessert. i saw our microwave and new fridge for our dorm room. i hope her mom sends us butter cookies in the mail.

* i have not had any coffee today, and i am very proud of myself. i have drank enough tea to fill a wading pool.


with the lights off, it's less dangerous

i have my green tea.. my uncomfortable shoes off.. i'm glad to be home.

(why do i own any uncomfortable shoes?)

i saw "a beautiful mind" tonight. it's an amazing movie.

before that i had districts from improv. my group is going on to state. we performed at 10, but didn't leave until 3, so i spent most of the time listening to a tori amos album i picked up.

"so what's catching your eye these days?"
"people barefaced and offguard, and the underside of chairs."