if you ever wondered what i was here for, i can tell you today:
i was kicking my feet on the wall of the garden
with my back getting wet
from the rainwater you spilled on the grass.

i was watching the sky and the clouds spelled your
name backwards, i had to twist my head around
to see it the right way.

i cant promise you a world you want, or a world
without men bearing arms
or arms bearing fists
but i can promise you an umbrella from your rain
until the stormclouds break and show you
the way back home.

stand up

we are going to fly, now, like
an airplane on a collision course with the moon,
break that thing in two and let the man deep inside
finally see what he's been doing to the sea.

further along to the lines of saturn and
the moon of jupiter
where i will show you what your mother looked like
when she was simply made of stardust.

by ben at never-ever.net