never look back unless you intend to go that way.


i'm feeling frazzled. there was no flow today.. just a lot of burnt ends and tired sarcastic comments.

a table fell on me when i was getting bread out of the backroom. while being trapped to the floor the used mopping water fell over me.

now it's time for my photography class.

good god.



i am the proud owner of daisy, my new baby duck! i just gave her a bath in the sink, and chased her around the yard.

i'm eighteen going on twelve..

and i love it.


i needed to run today...

i ran to the playground i went to when i was just a little thing..

i used to chase tyler harpster, and threaten to kiss him. i used to pretend i was a movie star married to tom cruise, and we lived under the jungle gym. i used to wait to be picked for kickball, and i was always the last one chosen.

nothing has changed, and everything has. i'm still the same little girl on the same legs with the same dreams.