it's coming to an end

i have one day left of high school. the book is about to close on this chapter of my life and eventhough it's time i just can't believe it.

i remember walking down the halls staring at the ground my freshman year.. finally finding the darkroom, and a boy who changed my perspectives (and widened my universe).. discovering emerson and thoreau.. crying over boys, fights and other trivial matters.. getting ready to go out dancing or to parties.. having a crush.. being the homecoming queen.. going to concerts.. dating the rock boys..

looking back on it now, it was great. it was the way high school was suppossed to be for me. i didn't slow down, and i didn't mold into anyone's ideals..

now i have a summer to look forward to.. a summer of being in between and searching farther and deeper.

i can take long runs, take exciting vacations, read anaïs nin and pablo neruda, and just enjoy..

and i will.